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Adrian Velazquez, Director, Revenue Growth Management, The Coca-Cola Company

“Decisions, decisions, decisions. We all make critical decisions every day. Yet we rarely have the courage to thoroughly examine the quality of our thinking and its impact on the decision making process. The Cure will open your eyes: it will draw attention to the most common triggers of faulty thinking and, more importantly, present you with tools to eradicate them.

Whether you plan to embark on a personal quest to improve the quality of your decisions, or roll out a game-changing decision making revolution throughout your organization, this book will surely inspire you and guide your efforts. The Cure for Corporate Stupidity is a must-read for all business leaders”

Teddy Shalon, 30-Year Entrepreneur and Managing Partner, Shalon Ventures (

“It is said that all a person truly owns are their actions. We all want our actions to take flight and help us get to our intended goals. Yet they rarely do. If you ever wondered why and how to improve your odds of getting there, this book is a must read. It begins with examples of business decision makers’ “pilot errors” and continues with a very readable description of the flaws that infect our ways of thinking—the Mind Bugs. Then delivers an actionable “pre-flight checklist” of questions to ask before making important decisions in order to find the Mind Bugs that might doom our flight plans making a compelling case that it is easier to fix our plans before takeoff. It concludes with an expanded description on the nature of each Mind Bug with vivid examples. If you make or participate in important business decisions this book is a must read. After reading this book you will never take off without referring to the checklist and everyone on board will be better off for it.”

David E. Blews, M.D., Pediatric Radiologist, Children’s Diagnostic Imaging of Atlanta, P.C.

“Larry Bloom’s insightful new book, The Cure for Corporate Stupidity, is a fascinating correlation of his extensive management experience with modern cognitive neuroscience. His “mindbug” paradigm is an ingenious and simple method to understand the fundamental ways that individuals and groups can eliminate counterproductive thinking and achieve greater personal and organizational success. The same methodology could easily translate into everyday life, even outside of a corporate structure. The book is organized into a readily accessible format, equally effective if read cover to cover or used as a straightforward reference. To get started, I would recommend strongly that everyone peruse chapter 8, chapter 16, and the 30 second scan, where the crux of the issue is brilliantly summarized and the insight could improve your thinking forever.”

Kristin Zhivago, Consultant, Speaker, Author – “Roadmap to Revenue: How to Sell the Way Your Customers Want to Buy” (

“Unlike so many business books I receive or buy, this one was refreshing and illuminating. So many times, I find myself reading, and thinking, “Well, yes, that’s true, but what can my clients do with this? How can I put this to work today, to help someone?” This one is different. This one is well worth reading.

I found myself underlining so many passages in this book. It’s really a book about improving the quality of your thinking, by becoming more mindful, and by changing – ever so slightly but quite effectively – the process you use to think.

I highly recommend this book to any manager or manager wanna-be. There is a lot of wisdom in these pages.”

Nori Kannen, CEO of appsparq

This week I read the book The Cure for Corporate Stupidity by Larry J. Bloom! It’s one of the best books I have read recently!

I was in a company, Digital Equipment Corporation in 1986 when it made many of the dumb decisions that Larry is talking about and consequently did not do so well, bought and absorbed by Compaq and then that was bought by HP! The biggest mind bug that DEC had was that mini-computers were there to stay and they did not have to worry about SUN and their even less expensive UNIX workstations. Ironically, SUN Microsystems had the same mind bug that they did not have anything to worry about PC based servers from Dell and HP and now they are part of Oracle as of this writing!

Larry identifies different kinds of mind bugs like the Sufficiency one (assuming that some people or information are sufficient to make the right decisions), the Accuracy one (information or people are accurate), the Beliefs one (wrong beliefs), and the Social One (decisions imposed by social structure within the company). He then prescribes a number of steps to carefully avoid these mind bugs and make the right decision!

Great book with some great information! Now the only mind bug any corporation needs to avoid is that this advice does not apply to them!

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