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Professional Profile:Larry J. Bloom, Author, The Cure for Corporate Stupidity
Larry J. Bloom

Recovering CEO and Author Larry J. Bloom learned a lot about “Corporate Stupidity” first hand during his 30+ years helping grow Bio-Lab, Inc. from a small closely held family business into an industry leading $700M subsidiary of a public company in the specialty chemical industry. Having remained as a leader of the company both after its original sale and then through two more changes of ownership, he has experienced the corporate world from many angles and points of view. He passionately believes that the true value of a company resides in its people and the quality of their decisions. And he has experienced firsthand the highs of being “a shining star” within a larger company and the lows of being on the wrong end of the latest corporate strategy.

Larry also served as Chairman of the Board for a volunteer, industry trade association with over 3000 members. Larry graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in Chemical Engineering and was recognized and inducted into Georgia Tech’s Academy of Distinguished Engineering Alumni. He is currently an author, private advisor to several business leaders, a board member, and an owner of a start-up media and software company that promotes better thinking. Larry has personally seen the good, bad and ugly of corporations and organizations and after retiring in 2006 began researching why smart people make bad decisions with the goal of making a difference.

Personal Profile: Larry J. Bloom

A native of Atlanta, GA, Larry loves T’ai Chi Chih, boating, scuba diving, fishing, golf, tennis, BBQ-ing, reading, learning, writing, technology, playing with his dog, and spending time with wife, family, and friends. Larry lives by the saying: It is what you learn after you think you know it all that really counts. Larry also plays several musical instruments, and his favorite song is “One Love,” by Bob Marley.

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