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Book Benefits: What if we could avoid bugs that block growth in career, team, and company results?

Problems in Today’s Business Environment :>[

Traditionally, businesses prioritize decisions by financial performance – increasing revenues and lowering costs.  Within the context of profit-centric goals, companies look to reduce risk, increase customer satisfaction, improve teamwork, innovate, raise productivity, provide better visibility, and more.  Whether it is a small, one-person business or a multi-national conglomerate, professionals are constantly faced with the problem of making the best possible business decisions to improve business outcomes and avoid Corporate Stupidity.

We’ve heard from hundreds of colleagues and authors that state today’s modern business environment is characterized as pressurized. Our brains are impacted by these stressful environments, described below:

  • Unreasonable expectations to do more with fewer resources.
  • Limited or no time to think about work, let alone get it all done in a quality fashion.
  • Objectives that are often unclear and change frequently.
  • Unhealthy levels of internal competition and defending individual positions.
  • Internal resistance to new ideas and thinking – making it risky to bring them up.
  • Decreasing levels of trust, motivation, and fairness.
  • Work becoming more exhausting and less enlivening.

A great deal of psychological stress comes from the rush and hurry of a turbulent environment and mind – jumping to conclusions, desiring, worrying, hoping, fearing, defending, and criticizing.  Today’s stressful business environments are not conducive to making good decisions.  This book helps people improve results and avoid problems in decision-making whether they are daily, small, individual decisions or annual, company-wide investment strategies.  The book helps people:

  1. Think more clearly in tumultuous environments
  2. Make better decisions
  3. Reduce risk
  4. Improve results, reduce stress, and have fewer problems

Book Benefits: What if business outcomes could be improved by a higher quality way of thinking?

Book Benefits: Superior Results from Better Thinking ;-P

  • Improving business outcomes in any department, at any level.
  • Reducing risk of business, program, and project failures and problems.
  • Helping people meet the demands of getting more done with fewer resources.
  • Making collaboration, change, and growth easier and healthier.
  • Allowing people to more effectively assess performance, collectively or individually.
  • Improving careers by increasing the quality of decisions, plans, and actions.
  • Creating environments where employees can be more creative, innovative, happier, and productive.
  • Helping us recognize, smile, and empathize with stupid business decisions more easily and move forward more quickly.

Hundreds of people have told us their business lives would improve if they had the knowledge to gain these benefits.  And, we believe there is a Cure for Corporate Stupidity if we focus on avoiding Mind-Bugs.

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